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Just War Theory: The Principle of Proportionality: Two Case studies. Existentialist Society. 2015

"The Philosophy of Simone Weil". La Trobe University VCE Philosophy Support Program. 2011

"Religion, Blood and the Love of War: Investigations into an anthropology of war" Existentialist Society Public Seminar, 2011.

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A bioethical analysis of the film GATTACA Postgraduate seminar, La Trobe, 2004. University.

Health care needs and needs for 'health'. VI Annual Swedish Symposium on Biomedicine, Ethics and Society: May 2004.

Problems with the Biomedical model of health AAP (Australasian Association of Philosophy) Conference, Adelaide, 2003.

"Alternative approaches to moral problems in genetic engineering". Post graduate seminar. La Trobe University. 2003

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The Ethics of IVF: The "right" to reproduce. Burning Down the House Publications, 1988.

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An unfinished Work

Problems with the World Health Organisation definition of 'health'